Our Services

  • Unlimited Opening

    We have in stock all the needed tools by employers to seamlessly relate their needs to the interns.

  • Attachment Applications

    Interns are allowed to apply for unlimited number of desired openings on our platform.

  • Recruitment Transformation

    Key in to a multinational, multidisciplinary a league of HR professionals to help you select and screen the best of best set of interns (T&Cs applied).

  • Career Development

    We recognize and value professional growth and achievement, so you have been reserved with, with ample opportunities to develop your career & expertise.

  • For HR & Agencies

    Our work is even more productive when we get the chance to be collaborative with other creative strategists. We work with agencies to allow their brand clients use our technology through their partners or use it directly.

Who we are

Our team

Redintern.com stands out as a league of innovative, dynamic, and self-motivated team with passion for adding value to our users and offer viable solutions. We have a focus on fair access; to help you become the prime choice of that amazing internship, Industrial Training placements and development. We are innovate team that has built a product and know you enjoyed it like we do…