Life will always present us with opportunities at different phases of our lives, a chance to be educated, to learn a trade or skill, to secure a dream job, build a relationship, be there for our loved ones or even serve God and humanity better, but we solely determine what we do with such chances.

Have you ever wondered why few are rich, educated, happy and healthy while majority are just the opposite? I do.

Internship is one of such great opportunities of life either as a...

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How to Answer : What is your greatest weakness?

Question 2: What is your greatest weakness?

Part a: Tips to answer

Tip 1: Never deny that you don’t have weaknesses. Everyone has them an if you refuse to admit that you have weaknesses to your interviewer, then they will most likely  write you down that you are lacking in self-awareness, arrogant, or untruthful.

Tip 2: Be completely honest, but end on a positive note.

Tip 3: Explain that you are happy to take on more trainin...

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