1. Log in to our website at www.redintern.com
  2. Search for the available job openings depending on your area/course of study, and area of interest,
  3. Click on the company of your choice and see their HR and contact details.
  4. Apply for the available job on our site, as we do forward your details to the respective companies.
  5. You can also Contact the HR Directly by yourself

    Things you need to know, if you Wish to Contact thr HR.
    • Full Name of the Company you wish to contact, you can obtain on the site
    • Also note their Area of service(s)  and Location(s), before placing the call
    • Calling HR: if you are calling the HR with your phone, always try to note the following things: (Articulate yourselves and be compose before placing the call)

  1. Be simple and polite
  2. Do not ask unnecessary questions and keep the conservation simple, Most times Start with a simple
  3. Good afternoon or Good day and remember to state your last name and first name, as a formal way of introduction. . Unnecessary questions include gender of the person on the other line.
  4. Always try to carry out a personal research about the company which would have given you a competitive
  5. edge, probably something different you are bringing to the table. Be ready to exploit, thus, it’s all your strength
  6. Do not try to play smart or show off intelligence. Be simple and straight.
  7. Make your enquiries, known and if you are denied, still be polite. Remember persistency is the key
  8. Do not be surprise, if you are giving the green light and further interview meetings setup, so do not be
  9. caught unawares.
  10. Good luck (you will always need it above all).